Can Therapy/Counseling Help Me?

If you are considering counseling or therapy, I suspect that you find some aspect of your life painful or unacceptable to you. Some of the many reasons my St. Louis area patients have sought—and have been helped by—individual counseling or therapy include:

  • Depression, fear/anxiety, feelings of hopelessness
  • Addictions – alcohol, drugs, gambling, food, sex, or love
  • Love/Relationship problems – feeling happy and fulfilled in love relationships and friendships, getting out of or avoiding verbally or physically abusive relationships, difficulty in finding or attracting a mate or friends
  • Financial problems – over spending or lack of discipline, over giving, inability to plan, or being under paid for what you do (low self esteem)
  • Grief – overcoming the loss of a child, loved one, or partner— due to death, divorce, or debilitating illness, loss of a home, business, or job
  • Work/Career problems – inability to “get ahead”, fear of failure, fear of success, being stuck in an unfulfilling or unrewarding career, feeling “used” or being under paid
  • Procrastination – feeling overwhelmed, fear of failure, perfectionism, or lack of belief in yourself to get the job done
  • Indecisiveness – not being able to make decisions, rumination or second guessing, “buyer’s remorse”
  • Impulsiveness – repeatedly making rash or poor decisions that lead to money, health, or relationship problems
  • Over care-taking of others / under care-taking of self – feeling resentful or feeling “used”, feeling guilty about, or being unable to say “NO”—when appropriate
  • Conflict avoidance – inability to know or be clear about what you want and need, giving in or inability to stand up for yourself in arguments or negotiations
  • Time management problems – lack of discipline, over commitment caused by inability to plan or inability to say “NO” to requests for your time
  • Living with, or staying in a relationship with, someone who struggles with any of these issues

If you can relate to one or more of these, and if you are tired of doing the same things and getting the same results, but don’t know how or what to do differently, therapy might be the answer.

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